November 2018 Endorsements

The San Francisco League of Conservation Voters supports the following candidates and local propositions. Click “Read more” to learn more about each endorsement decision.


  • Board of Supervisors, District 2: Nick Josefowitz - Read more

  • Board of Supervisors, District 4: Gordon Mar - Read more

  • Board of Supervisors, District 6: Matt Haney, Christine Johnson (dual endorsement) - Read more

  • Board of Supervisors, District 8: Rafael Mandelman - Read more

  • Board of Supervisors, District 10: Theo Ellington (1), Tony Kelly (2) - Read more

  • BART Board, District 8: Melanie Nutter - Read more

  • Community College Board: John Rizzo, Thea Selby - Read more

  • Board of Education: Monica Chinchilla, Alison Collins, Alida Fisher, Li Miao Lovett

Ballot Measures

  • YES on Prop A: Embarcadero Seawall Earthquake Safety Bond - Read more

  • YES on Prop C: Additional Business Taxes to Fund Homeless Services - Read more

November 2018 Candidate Questionnaires

The San Francisco League of Conservation Voters invited November 2018 candidates to be considered for endorsement by submitting responses to our questionnaire. Their responses are below. We used these responses along with interviews to inform our endorsements. We have posted all responses we received, regardless of our endorsement decision. Note: these are questionnaires only, NOT endorsements — those are above.

Board of Education Candidate Questionnaires

BART Board, District 8 Candidate Questionnaires

Community College Board Candidate Questionnaires

Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaires

June 2018 Endorsements

The San Francisco League of Conservation Voters supports the following candidates and local propositions. Follow the links to find out more about our rationale and how your vote influences the sustainability of San Francisco and beyond.

Mayor - ranked choice

  1. Mark Leno

  2. Jane Kim

  3. London Breed

Board of Supervisors, District 8

Rafael Mandelman

Ballot Measures

Regional Measures

Regional Measure 3 - Increase Bridge Tolls $3 by 2025 to Raise $4.45 Billion for Regional Transportation: YES

November 2016 Endorsements

Here are our endorsements for the November 8th, 2016 election.  Click on the links (in bold) below for more info. We'll be posting more details soon, so please check back.

Ballot Measures:


  • Board of Supervisors Dist. 1: #1 Andy Thornley #2: Sandra Fewer

  • Board of Supervisors Dist. 3: Aaron Peskin

  • Board of Supervisors Dist. 5: Dean Preston

  • Board of Supervisors Dist. 7: Norman Yee

  • Board of Supervisors Dist. 9: Hillary Ronen

  • BART Board D7: Lateefah Simon

  • BART Board D9: Gwyneth Borden

June 2016 Endorsements

Click on the links (in bold) below for more info.

  • Yes on AA: Bay Restoration – A modest tax to raise $500 million to restore the Bay's wildlife habitat, improve water quality, and to mitigate the effects of climate change.

  • Yes on B: Sustainable Park Funding – An extension and gradual increase in the set-aside in the city's budget to create sustainable funding ($1 billion over 30 years) for park maintenance.

  • Yes on C: Affordable Housing -- Charter Amendment authorizes the Supervisors to update Inclusionary or Affordable Housing requirements, and provides increased interim requirements.

Our endorsements for the Democratic County Central Committee are as follows:

District 17:

  • Tom Ammiano

  • Josh Arce

  • London Breed

  • David Campos

  • Malia Cohen

  • Jon Golinger

  • Jane Kim

  • Rafael Mandelman

  • Alix Rosenthal

  • Aaron Peskin

  • Scott Wiener

  • Cindy Wu

  • Jill Wynns

District 19:

  • Sandra Lee Fewer

  • Myrna Melgar

  • Rachel Norton

November 2015 Endorsements

Click on the links below for more info.

November 2014 Endorsements

  • Yes on A: Transportation & Road Improvement Bond

  • Yes on B: Population-based Finding for Muni

  • Yes on E: Soda Tax

  • Yes on F: Pier 70 Development Site Height Limit Increase

  • Yes on G: Surtax on Transfers of Residential Real Property

  • Yes on H: Requiring Certain Athletic Fields in Golden Gate Park to be Maintained as Natural Grass

  • No on I: Park Code – Children’s Playgrounds, Walking Trails, Athletic Fields

  • No on L: Policy Regarding Transportation Priorities in San Francisco

  • Supervisor D2: Juan-Antonio Carballo (sole endorsement)

  • Supervisor D6: Jane Kim (1), Jamie Whitaker (2)

  • Supervisor D8: Scott Wiener (sole endorsement)

  • Supervisor D10: Malia Cohen (1), Tony Kelly (2)

  • BART Board: Nick Josefowitz

November 2013 Endorsements

  • No on B: NO 8 Washington Street Initiative

  • No on C: NO 8 Washington Street Referendum

November 2012 Endorsements:

  • Yes on B: Bond Funding to Improve SF’s Parks!

  • Yes on C: Build MORE Affordable Housing!

  • Yes on F: Yes Hetch Hetchy – maybe, maybe not. STUDY better water recycling system? DEFINITELY!!

  • Supervisor D1: Eric Mar (sole endorsement)

  • Supervisor D3: David Chiu (sole endorsement)

  • Supervisor D5: John Rizzo (1), Christina Olague (2), Julian Davis (3)

  • Supervisor D7: Norman Yee

  • Supervisor D9: David Campos

  • Supervisor D11: John Avalos

  • Community College Board: Rafael Mandelman, Chris Jackson, Amy Bacharach

  • School Board: Sandra Fewer, Jill Wynns, Rachel Norton, Matt Haney

  • BART Board: Tom Radulovich

June 2012 Endorsements:

  • No on A: San Francisco is making great progress towards our “Zero Waste to Landfill by 2020” goal & Prop A could put that at risk. No on A.

  • Yes on B: Protect Coit Tower from Recreation and Park privatization efforts. Yes on B.

  • Democratic County Central Committee AD17:

    • Avalos, John

    • Campos, David

    • Chiu, David

    • DeJesus, Petra

    • Dorsey, Matt

    • Gembinski, Chris

    • Haaland, Gabriel Robert

    • Katz, Leslie

    • Mandelman, Rafael

    • Migden, Carole

    • Morgan, Justin

    • Pimentel, Leah

    • Rosenthal, Alix

  • Democratic County Central Committee AD19:

    • Alonso, Mike

    • Aragon, Wendy

    • Bard, Kevin

    • Dwyer, Kelly

    • Lauterborn, Peter

    • Mar, Eric

November 2011 Endorsements:

  • Yes on A: School Bonds

  • Yes on B: Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds

  • No Position on C: City Pension and Health Care Benefits

  • No on D: City Pension Benefits

  • No on E: Amending or Repealing Legislative Initiative Ordinances and Declarations of Policy

  • Yes on F: Campaign Consultant Ordinance

  • Yes on G: Sales Tax

  • No Position on H: School District Student Assignment

  • Mayor: David Chiu (1), Dennis Herrera (2), John Avalos (3)

  • District Attorney: David Onek (1), Sharmin Bock (2)

  • Sheriff: Ross Mirkarimi

November 2010 Endorsements:

  • Yes on AA: Vehicle Registration Fee

  • Yes on A: Earthquake Retrofit Bond

  • No Position on B: City Retirement and Health Plans

  • Yes on C: Mayoral Appearances at Board Meetings

  • Yes on D: Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections

  • Yes on E: Election Day Voter Registration

  • Yes on F: Health Service Board Elections

  • Yes on G: Transit Operator Wages

  • No on H: Local Elected Officials on Political Party Committees

  • No Position on I: Saturday Voting

  • No Position on J: Hotel Tax Clarification and Temporary Increase

  • No Position on K: Hotel Tax Clarification and Definitions

  • No on L: Sitting or Lying on Sidewalks

  • No Position on M: Community Policing and Foot Patrols

  • Yes on N: Real Property Transfer Tax

  • Supervisor D2: Janet Reilly (sole endorsement)

  • Supervisor D4: no endorsement

  • Supervisor D6: Jane Kim (1), Debra Walker (2), Jim Meko (3)

  • Supervisor D8: Rafael Mandelman (sole endorsement)

  • Supervisor D10: Eric Smith (1), Tony Kelly (2), Chris Jackson (3)

  • Community College Board: John Rizzo, Lawrence Wong, Anita Grier

  • School Board: Natasha Hoehn, Kim-Shree Maufas, Hydra Mendoza

  • Assessor-Recorder: Phil Ting

  • BART Director: Bert Hill

For endorsements before November 2010, see our blog, or email us for more info...