November 2019: Vote Vallie Brown for D5 supervisor

Vallie Brown.jpg

Supervisor Brown has been a voice and vote for environmental issues since she was appointed in July 2018 to fill Mayor Breed’s seat. She also has a long history of environmental advocacy prior her time on the Board. We appreciate her experience and knowledge of the city legislative process, earned through her work as an aide to former Supervisors Mirkarimi (Masonic Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project, CleanPowerSF, plastic bag ban 1.0) and Breed (CleanPowerSF, neighborhood preference in affordable housing). She has a consistent track record on local issues and has shown a willingness to listen, and we find that she makes smart, thoughtful decisions. Since her appointment last year, Brown worked on several environmental issues, including expansion of the plastic bag ban, energy use reporting for large residential buildings, and renewable energy mandates for large commercial buildings. Most recently, she introduced legislation to end natural gas use in municipal buildings.

Brown’s most recent priorities are steps in the right direction. SFLCV, however, encourages the Supervisor to apply her legislative talents and connections to think bigger if she is re-elected. Areas that bridge housing and sustainability represent a key opportunity. Updating San Francisco’s use of natural gas in municipal buildings to be more akin to bans on new construction recently passed in Berkeley and San Jose is another avenue Brown can use to demonstrate her commitment to protecting the environment at a critical time in the City’s development. 

Candidates Brown and Preston both possess the strong qualities we look for in city supervisors. Our backing of Brown over Preston lies in her depth of understanding on a full range of environmental issues, as well as a track record of success. We factor in the interest and ability of candidates in addressing the housing crisis as one measure amongst our many criteria - recognizing housing and affordability as critical to the City’s sustainability. If successful, Brown would do well to work with Preston and affordable housing stakeholders and find opportunities to address housing in her District, such as at 730 Stanyan to ensure the blighted, City-owned site is 100% affordable as intended. SFLCV will also follow the redevelopments in District 5, and work with Brown to ensure the developments make measurable steps towards implementing Vision Zero, accelerate the City’s progress towards the 2050 goal of carbon neutrality, and enhance access to green space.

If she is elected, we hope that Brown’s close ties to the Mayor’s office result in equitable and sustainable development in her District and city-wide. At the same time, we hope that Brown’s environmental record and her relationship with Mayor Breed will help the Mayor’s office recognize that San Francisco’s environmental issues extend beyond the city and will support renewed work to align SFPUC and the business community with the City’s commitment to strategies that are protective of ecosystems and public health.

To support a proven problem-solver and environmental advocate, vote Brown for District 5!

You can read Vallie Brown’s answers to our candidate questionnaire here.