November 2018: For D2 Supervisor, Pick Nick!

Nick Josefowitz’ long and productive commitment to the environment, from building solar power plants to improving regional public transit, makes him the clear environmental choice for Supervisor in District 2.

He brings a keen understanding of the connection between transportation and land use, and the need to make development patterns more sustainable and climate-friendly by building more homes close to transit. This is illustrated by his leading an initiative to build thousands of new homes close to BART, 30% of which will be affordable. As a BART director, he also helped lead the successful effort to pass a $3.5 million infrastructure bond, bringing significant new money for public transit. He helped put BART on a path toward using 100% renewable energy (the agency is now only at 4% but says it will reach 90% in 2021).

Josefowitz is a strong advocate for safer, better walking and biking conditions in San Francisco, and he bikes around the city himself. He is a strong supporter of Vision Zero—the goal of reducing all fatal and serious traffic crashes to zero—and calls for delivering street safety projects faster. At BART, he worked to prioritize access to stations on foot and by bike.

Josefowitz is eager to tackle the urgent problems facing District 2 and the entire city—such as homelessness, the affordable housing crisis, property crime, and police accountability—while moving forward to make the city better for the climate and families. He has demonstrated understanding of local policy impacts and the regional context. His environmental track record, public- and private-sector experience, data- and outcome-driven decision-making, and ability to empathize with the wide range of perspectives in D2, together will make him a welcome and effective addition to the Board of Supervisors.

For District 2 Supervisor, vote for Nick Josefowitz.

You can read Nick Josefowitz’s answers to our candidate questionnaire here.