Our organizations's bylaws govern what we do and how we do it...

  1. Mission Our mission is to promote environmental protection through active participation in the San Francisco political system and to enhance the integrity of that political system for all San Franciscans. As such, we promote conservation and protection of natural resources, environmental justice, and sustainability, as well as good government issues and political reforms.

    Our primary means for achieving these goals are:

    1. Supporting legislation and candidates that promote our goals.
    2. Informing the voting public about such legislation and candidates.
    3. Lobbying public officials on behalf of such legislation.
    4. Creating such legislation itself.


  2. Board Membership
    1. Any person living in San Francisco, or who spends significant time in San Francisco, who shares our goals is eligible to be a member of the Board.
    2. Members of the Board of Directors shall be chosen to enhance the Board's institutional knowledge, diversity, political impact, and ability to accomplish our goals. Board members may be removed and vacancies filled by a 2/3 vote of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting.
    3. To remain members of the Board in good standing, each Board member is expected to:
      1. Perform at least 25 hours of SFLCV work a year, pay annual dues in the amount of $100, raise at least $100 on behalf of the SFLCV, and attend a majority of scheduled meetings.
      2. In all cases, financial and work obligations may be exchanged in the amount of $10 in lieu of an hour of work, and vice versa.
      3. Attendance at Board meetings does not count towards work obligations.
      4. Unexcused absences from three consecutive Board meetings is grounds for dismissal.
      5. Each Board member must keep the Board informed of all political affiliations and personal endorsements.
    4. At the first regularly scheduled meeting of even numbered years, officers shall be elected by simple majority, for 2 year terms and shall include President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and any other officers the Board deems necessary. No elected official shall serve as President of the League. Vacancies in any office may be filled by majority vote at any regularly scheduled meeting.


  3. General Meetings & Operations
    1. Regular meetings shall be held on a monthly basis. Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary with at least seven days notice. In the event that action is needed on less than seven days notice, an emergency meeting may be scheduled by a majority vote of the officers of the board.
    2. General meetings, having a quorum of at least 50% of the Board, shall establish basic policy and conduct general operations of the SFLCV, not including endorsements.
    3. Alternative procedures, such as phone and email polls, may be substituted if no Board member objects.


  4. Endorsement Procedures
    1. Endorsement meetings shall occur, in general, on the first regularly scheduled meeting after the close of the filing deadline for the given election. Further endorsement meetings can be scheduled as necessary.
    2. Alternative endorsement procedures, such as phone polls or email polls, can be substituted only if agreed upon at a regularly scheduled meeting and after all active non-recused Board members are given notice.
    3. Endorsements require a majority vote of all non-recused Board members.
    4. Except for early endorsements, Board members eligible to vote on any given endorsement are non-recused members who were present at an endorsement meeting where that endorsement was presented or discussed unless an alternative process has been agreed upon by the Board.
    5. Early endorsements may be made at any time by a unanimous vote of all non-recused members. Given the nature of such endorsements, no meeting is necssary, but all non-recused members must agree.
    6. Any board member who is receiving or is promised to receive material benefit from the candidacy or election of a candidate, or the campaign for or against passage of a ballot measure, or is an officer of such a campaign, must recuse himself or herself from that endorsement, and shall not vote for or against that endorsement. Board members shall disclose any endorsements of candidates or ballot measures (including appearing on any piece of literature for the candidate or ballot measure) or reportable contributions to candidates or ballot measures prior to discussion or vote, but may participate in the endorsement vote.
    7. Votes shall be taken in an open vote unless any member requests a secret ballot.


  5. Amendments to the Bylaws Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority of all active members at a regularly scheduled meeting after at least seven days notice is given to all active Board members.