November 2015: Our November 3, 2015 Endorsements

The November 2015 election is upon us, and as usual there are several important "Votes for the Environment"! We particularly urge you to vote No on G, Yes on H and for Aaron Peskin for D3 Supervisor. See all our endorsements below, and follow the links for more information. Note that if we did not list a Ballot measure or Race, it is not because it is not an important issue, only because we did not feel there was a clear environmental or good government reason to endorse, as per our mission.

Board of Supervisors, District 3: Aaron Peskin - A long time environmental champion! Yes on A: Affordable Housing Bond - More affordable housing NOW! No on C: Lobbyists Ordinance - Badly drafted ethics reform which will unfairly harm small non-profits Yes on D: Misson Rock Development - On balance, a good development proposal for Mission Rock No on E: Public Meetings - A deeply flawed attempt at more public access which would make our local democracy worse, not better Prop F: Short Term Residential Rentals - A flawed solution to the big problem of short term residential rentals. (Read for why we can neither support nor oppose) No on G: Bad Definition of Clean Energy - A cynical, restrictive & disingenuous attempt to slow down SF's CleanPowerSF initiative. Yes on H: Good Definition of Clean Energy - A measure to protect CleanPowerSF from Prop G. No on I: Mission Luxury Housing Moratorium - The moratorium will definitely make some parts of the Mission's housing problems worse, and very unlikely to make any of them better. Yes on J: Legacy Business Preservation Fund - An interesting effort to support San Francisco businesses that make up our social fabric Yes on K: Surplus City Property Ordinance - Prioritize the City's Surplus Lands for Affordable Housing

Don't forget to VOTE on Tuesday, November 3rd!