November 2015: Vote Yes on A & K

Affordable housing is arguably the most important issue for San Francisco’s voters. Two ballot measures in November 2015 seek to address this. The San Francisco League of Conservation Voters endorses both Prop A and Prop K. Proposition A would authorize the City to issue up to $310 million in general obligation bonds to: - acquire, build, or renovate affordable rental housing near established transit corridors, including in the Mission Area Plan; - rehabilitate or reconstruct public housing; - fund middle-income rental housing; and - assist middle-income City residents in purchasing their first home in the City.

This proposition is sponsored by Mayor Lee and supported by the Board of Supervisors, as well as labor, affordable housing advocates and the SF Chronicle.

Another proposition that seeks to help increase affordable housing options in SF is Proposition K. Prop K would support the policy that at least one third of the housing units built on the surplus property sold by the City be affordable to low- and moderate-income households. In addition, Prop K would enforce a 120-day waiting period before the City can sell a property, if the Board of Supervisors is already considering affordable housing development on it.

The proposition is sponsored by Supervisor Jane Kim, and is supported by the Board of Supervisors, as well as labor, affordable housing advocates, and the South Beach Bay Business Association.

At a time when housing prices continue to escalate, Propositions A and K will create financial assistance and land opportunities to increase the supply of affordable housing and provide relief for many San Franciscans who are priced out. Please Join the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters and Vote YES on Prop A and YES on Prop K!