November 2015: Vote No on G and Yes on H for Clean Power in SF

[Ed. Note: This is the first of several posts on our endorsements for the November 2015 election. Check back for more soon!] The two competing ballot measures Proposition G & H are both about the same thing: Controlling how “Clean Energy" is defined for purposes of the upcoming CleanPowerSF power system.

Prop G is sponsored by PG&E’s union and is an attempt to force the CleanPowerSF system into a more restrictive & disingenuous definition of clean power, and to limit what sources CleanPowerSF can use, all to advantage PG&E’s own dirtier power distribution. Why?  To limit loss of customers from PG&E to CleanPowerSF.

Prop H is the competing ballot measure, placed on the ballot by Supervisors London Breed, John Avalos, Scott Wiener and Julie Christensen to protect CleanPowerSF. Prop H fixes the clean power definition back to the state standard & allows for using more sources, though it sets City policy to prefer locally generated sources.

Please Join the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters & the Sierra Club & Vote NO on G and YES on Prop H!

For more info we recommend this article from KQED.