Nov 2016: NO on Prop L - Charter amendment changing appointments to the MTA Board and MTA Budget approval

Currently, the Mayor appoints all 7 members of the Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) Board and the Supervisors confirm these appointments. Proposition L amends the process such that 4 of the 7 members of the MTA Board would nominated by the Mayor and the remaining 3 by the Board of Supervisors, all of whom would still be confirmed by the Supervisors.

In addition, the amendment allows the Supervisors to reject but not modify the MTA's budget by simple majority, rather than by 7 of the 11, as now. If the Supervisors reject the budget, it would have to fund MTA sufficiently to maintain all operations at the level of June 30 of the prior fiscal year. The amendment does not otherwise change the budgetary or financial responsibilities or authority of the MTA Board. 

SFLCV has two major concerns about Prop L:

  1. The MTA is constrained by many who do not want to give up lanes and parking spots for street changes that improve pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety. Such improvements include sidewalk widening and curb extensions, Muni boarding platforms and protected bike lanes, which would contribute towards achieving Vision Zero reductions in deaths from collisions. District Supervisors represent local interests and are more likely to appoint those from their districts who rate parking places over safety changes. The Mayor reports to all San Franciscans and is more likely to appoint strong Board members.
  2. Prop L would reduce the current requirement of a supermajority (7 of 11 Supervisors) to reject the MTA budget to a simple majority, thus making it easier for Supervisors to hold the MTA budget hostage to local interests.

Prop L would make transit planning more vulnerable to political meddling. The San Francisco League of Conservation Voters urges you to vote NO on Prop L.