Endorsements: June 3rd, 2008

Ballot Measures

Yes on E - Requiring Board of Supervisors' Approval of Mayor's Appointments to the PUC Yes on F - Affordable Housing in Candlestick/Hunters Point development. No on G - Mixed-Use Development Project for Candlestick Point And Hunters Point Shipyard

We are not endorsing on A, B, C, D or H.


Green Party County Council

Razzu Engen

Democratic Party County Central Committee

12 A.D.

  • Michael Bornstein
  • Doug Chan
  • Emily Drennen
  • Eric Mar
  • Jake McGoldrick
  • Trevor McNeil
  • Jane Morrison
  • Melanie Nutter
  • Connie O'Connor
  • Matt Tuchow

13 A.D.

  • Bill Barnes
  • David Campos
  • David Chiu
  • Chris Daly
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Robert Haaland
  • Joe Julian
  • Leslie Katz
  • Rafael Mandelman
  • Aaron Peskin
  • Holli Thier
  • Debra Walker

Republican Party County Central Committee

We did not endorse any republicans for the county central committee. But we would like to thank Gene Dermody for submitting a questionnaire.


If you have any questions about our endorsements, please email adrian at sflcv.org