November 2006 Endorsements

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2006 November Elections

Local Measures

  • YES on Prop A - School Bond and Tax Rate
  • YES on Prop E - Parking Tax Ordinance
    This ordinance places a 10% surcharge on the city's parking tax, and closes a loophole that exempts valet parking from the tax. Funds raised through Prop E (an approximate $26 million) will end up going to Muni and other city services. It provides another reason why people should get out of their cars and choose to walk, bike or take public transit. Prop E will save us pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • YES on Prop H - Relocation Assistance for No Fault Tenant Removal
  • YES on Prop J - Impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney - Declaration of Policy
    We know that this statement of policy doesn't mean much really, and it is perhaps even a little silly -- but here it is, George Bush and Dick Cheney are the worst thing that has happened to the environment since the invention of the gas powered automobile. From appointing industry and political hacks, to Orwellian language control (healthy forests for log cutting, clear skies for more coal pollution), for the squelching of science. An impeachment would be a good thing, however improbable.