June 2006 Endorsements

Proposition A

No. Proposition A allocates $10 million more from the City's General Fund for the next 3 years to violence prevention and intervention services. We are opposed to this on good government grounds. While we are not opposed to any of these services in general, this seems a poor way to legislate.

Proposition C

Yes. Proposition C changes the appointment process of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority -- giving the Board of Supervisors 2 appointments.  The TJPA is responsible for the designing, building and operating of the Transbay terminal in San Francisco. This proposition continues a process of giving some powers of appointment to the Board of Supervisors.

No Position

We have not taken a position on Prop B or D.

For California State Initiatives and Candidates, please see the California League of Conservation Voters.

Central Committees

DCCC - 12th AD

  • Susan Hall
  • Trevor McNeil
  • Jane Morrison
  • Melanie Nutter
  • Connie O'Conner
  • Roy Recio
  • Jason Wong

DCCC - 13th AD

  • David Campos
  • Gerry Crowley
  • Rick Galbreath
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Robert Haaland
  • Rafael Mendelman
  • Laura Spanjian
  • Holli Thier
  • Jordanna Thigpen
  • Scott Wiener

Green Party

  • John-Marc Chandonia
  • Susan King
  • Kim Knox
  • Nancy Lewis
  • Sue Vaughan
  • Patrick Villano