2011 November Endorsements - Propositions

Endorse A - School BondsEndorse B - Road Repaving and Street Safety Bonds No Position C - City Pension and Health Care Benefits Oppose D - City Pension Benefits Oppose E - Amending or Repealing Legislative Initiative Ordinances and Declarations of Policy Endorse F – Campaign Consultant Ordinance Endorse G – Sales Tax No Position H - School District Student Assignment

2010 November Endorsements - Candidates

District 2 SupervisorJanet Reilly

District 4 Supervisor No endorsement

District 6 Supervisor (rank choice) 1-Jane Kim 2- Debra Walker 3-Jim Meko

District 8 Supervisor Rafael Mandelman

District 10 Supervisor (rank choice) 1-Eric Smith 2-Tony Kelly 3-Chris Jackson

Community College Board (3 open seats) John Rizzo Lawrence Wong Anita Grier

School Board (3 open seats) Natasha Hoehn Kim-Shree Maufas Hydra Mendoza

Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting

BART Director District 8 Bert Hill

November 2010 Endorsement Questionnaires

If you are a candidate in the November 2010 Election in San Francisco seeking our endorsement, please fill out the appropriate questionnaire, and get it back to us as soon as possible (contact information can be found on the questionnaire pages below). We will also be contacting candidates directly in the next month.

June 2010 Endorsements

These our the endorsements for the June 8, 2010 Election.
YES on Prop G G is a declaration of city policy that the high speed rail terminus should be the Transbay Terminal.
State Propositions
CLCV is NO on 16 (PG&E 2/3 vote). We agree!
  • John Avalos
  • Michael Bornstein
  • Sandra Lee Fewer
  • Chris Gembinski
  • Elbert Hill
  • Hene Kelly
  • Eric Mar
  • Milton Marks
  • Jake McGoldrick
  • Jane Morrison
  • MelanieNutter
  • Connie O’Connor

District 13

  • David Campos
  • David Chiu
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Robert Haaland
  • Joseph Julian
  • Rafael Mandelman
  • Kim-Shree Maufas
  • Carole Migden
  • Aaron Peskin
  • Eric Quezada
  • Alix Rosenthal
  • Debra Walker

No on Prop D! Pissed Off Voter Guide Release Party!!

Join SFLCV and others at the League of Young Voters' Pissed Off Voter Guide release party. SFLCV is co-sponsoring the event so come on down. The event is Friday night at Gestalt Haus on 16th street in the Mission (3159 16th Street), just a couple blocks from the 16th street BART station. October 23rd at 7-10pm

Why does SFLCV oppose Prop D?

In short its two things: we don't think ads and signs make a neighborhood a better place, and it's bad government. Complex planning code does not belong in the ballot box.

Nov 2009 Endorsements

Yes on A - Budget Reform - This makes the budget biennial. This is a good government issue for us, trying to make the budget process better.Yes on B - Board of Supervisor Aides - This allows supervisors to hire more than two aides. This is another good government issue for us. No on D - Mid Market Special Sign District - While a goal of a vibrant mid market district is a fine one. We are uncertain that more signs and billboards will make it that way. Yes on E - Advertisements on City Property - This prevents there from being a further expansion of the use of city furniture and buildings to be sold as ad space.

Though they are running unopposed, we also support candidates: Jose M. Cisneros for Treasurer and Dennis Herrera for City Attorney.

Fundraiser... Thanks!

Thanks to all came out for our 3rd Celebrating the Urban Environment at 111 Minna. We had a good time and hope you did as well. We in particular want to thank the artists for their contributions to the evening. Andrew Turner was the winner of the people's choice award:

Todd Berman Adrian Cotter Lawrence Cuevas Todd Gilens Dave Hunkins Papi Menon Sarah Soward Jake Thomason Andrew Turner

We would also like to thank our sponsors:

Amandeep Jawa California League of Conservation Voters Adrian Cotter & Liz Pallatto Susan King Trent Orr John D'Avolio John Holtzclaw Michelle Jesperson Steven Krefting Dan Nguyen-Tan Eric Smith Johanna Wald

Art Submissions Please. Celebrate Your Urban Environment. 7.21.09

Our deadline  has been extended through this weekend, July19th. Our next fundraiser is Tuesday, July 21st at 111 Minna. The theme is "Celebrating Our Urban Environment" and we want your art there to celebrate it.


* Any art, or writing or poetry that celebrates San Francisco, especially its urban AND natural environment * All contestants must inform the SFLCV of their INTENT to enter via email or phone (deep AT sflcv DOT org/ 415 255 6257) * All contest entries must be submitted to Amandeep Jawa (SFLCV Preisdent) by Monday, JULY 20th. * There must be at least 5 contestants for the contest to occur. If there are less than 5 contestants by the JULY 10th deadline, there will be no contest & no prize will be awarded. * Any contest entry must be displayable or presentable at the fundraiser event on TUESDAY, JULY 21st, 2009 * The prize will be an 16GB Apple iPod nano awarded at the fundraiser. Depending on the number of entries and the number of attendees, there may be additional prizes & the contest may be broken into multiple categories. * For more details fee free to email Amandeep Jawa (deep AT sflcv DOT org)

The winner will be judged by the fundraiser attendees, so we hope you bring as many friends as you can.

Join us for a Wildflower Walk (Sat, Mar 28th)

It's that time of year when San Francisco's natural parks are bursting with native flowers!  As part of San Francisco's participation in the worldwide Earth Hour event on Saturday, March 28, SFLCV and the Recreation and Park Department's Natural Areas Program invite you to a naturalist led wildflower walk on Bayview Hill, one of the city's most amazing and little-known ecological gems. Bayview Park is a 43.9 acre natural area with sweeping Bay views, including of Candlestick State Park and stadium.  The park supports perhaps the most diverse assemblage of plants and animals in the natural areas system. Its grassland has some of the most beautiful wildflower displays in San Francisco. Other plant communities in Bayview Park include coastal scrub, eucalyptus and oak groves, and the largest Islais cherry population in the city. On a sunny day you are likely to encounter western fence lizards, California alligator lizards, or one of many non-poisonous snakes, such as the San Francisco garter snake, Pacific gopher snake, or Pacific ring-neck snake. Red-tailed hawks are often seen soaring overhead. Great horned owls rest in the notches of trees during the day, and woodpeckers can be heard hammering for an insect snack.

Date: Saturday, March 28 Time: 10:30-12:00 Place: Bayview Hill. We will meet at 10:30 the park entrance at the end of Key Avenue. Please note that the walk to the top of Bayview Hill can be somewhat strenuous, and a gardener's truck will be available to provide rides to the top for attendees requiring assistance.

More information: Bayview Hill, including wildflower images SF Recreation and Park Department's Natural Areas Program SF Earth Hour

2008 Endorsements Slate Mailer is on its way!

We are very proud of the fact that in every contested major election cycle, the San Francisco League of Conservation Voters distributes the only regular endorsement slate card representing the environmental community and this year is no different! We are about to start mailing the SFLCV slate cards! They look great!

You can see them HERE. We are mailing 4 different pieces for each of 4 different Supervisorial districts!



2008 November Endorsements

Please find all our endorsements below. State and Federal endorsements are made by the California League of Conservation Voters. More info can be found on their website at www.ecovote.org/endorse LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL CANDIDATES:

President: Barack Obama

Congress 8: Nancy Pelosi

Congress 12: Jackie Speier

State Senate: Mark Leno

Assembly 12: Fiona Ma

Assembly 13: Tom Ammiano

Supervisor District 1: Eric Mar

Supervisor District 3: (ranked choices) 1) David Chiu 2) Tony Gantner

Supervisor District 5: Ross Mirkarimi

Supervisor District 7: No Endorsement

Supervisor District 9: (ranked choices) 1) Sanchez 2) Campos 3) Valtin

Supervisor District 11: John Avalos

BART: Tom Radulovich

Board of Education: Sandra Fewer Bobbie Lopez Jill Wynns Norman Yee

Community College Board: Mary Hernandez Chris Jackson Milton Marks Bruce Wolfe

Superior Court Judge: Sandoval


State Propositions:

Yes on Proposition 1A: Improve air quality and public transportation through High Speed Rail No on Proposition 7: Protect small solar producers and encourage solar energy production No on Proposition 10: Protect the environment and taxpayers — and stop the alternative energy scam No on Proposition 11: Stop the flawed redistricting plan

San Francisco Measures:

YES on Prop A - San Francisco General Hospital Earthquake Safety Bonds

YES on Prop B - Establishing Affordable Housing Fund

NO on Prop C - City employees on Commissions and Boards

YES on Prop D - Financing Pier 70 Waterfront District Development Plan

YES on Prop E - Raise # of signatures required for a recall

YES on Prop F - Holding All Scheduled City Elections Only in Even-Numbered Years

Prop G - No Position

YES on Prop H - Setting Clean Energy Deadlines; Studying Options for Providing Energy; Changing Revenue Bond Authority to Pay for Public Utility Facilities

NO on Prop I - Creating the Office of an Independent Rate Payer Advocate

YES on Prop J - Creating a Historic Preservation Commission

Prop K - No Position Prop L - No Position Prop M - No Position

YES on Prop N - Changing Real Property Transfer Tax Rates

YES on Prop O - Replacing the Emergency Response Fee with an Access Line Tax and Revising the Telephone Users Tax

NO on Prop P - Changing the Composition of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority Board

YES on Prop Q - Modifying the Payroll Expense Tax

NO on Prop R - Renaming the Oceanside Water Treatment Plant

NO on Prop S - ID funding sources for budget set asides

Prop T - No Position Prop U - No Position Prop V - No Position

SFLCV Endorsements Process Update for Candidates

If you are a candidate for office in San Francisco's November 2008 you should have received a questionnaire a few weeks ago. The deadline for returning your completed questionnaire is THIS MONDAY, September 15th at 5 PM. If you did no receive a questionnaire please call Adrian Cotter at 415 336 5073. Also all questionnaires are available in the right hand column on this page.

Please email completed questionnaires to these 3 email addresses: drainage AT gmail DOT com deep AT sflcv DOT org michelle AT sflcv DOT org (replace "AT" with "@" and "DOT" with ".")

Slow Food and Sunday Streets

Two great events are coming up that are near and dear to the hearts (and stomachs) of us here at SFLCV: Slow Food Nation

Aug 29-Sep 1. Celebrate and eat sustainable, just and delicious food in the Great Meadow of Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Sunday Streets

"On these Sundays, a four and half mile route stretching from Bayview to Chinatown along the Embarcadero will be open to physical activity. This route will be closed to traffic and allow for biking, walking, jogging and physical activity of all kinds." Come join us!

Climate Change Goals and Action Plan Ordinance

SFLCV worked with Livable City and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi to draft a Climate Change Goals and Action Plan ordinance. The ordinance was approved in committee on April 17th, 2008, and will go before the full board on April 29th, 2008. This overall goals of the ordinance are to reduce greenhouse gases 25% below 1990 levels by 2017, 40% below 1990 levels by 2025, and 80% below 1990 levels by 2050. The City would adopt specific reduction targets for each year. Every city department would create a departmental action plan to achieve its goals.

You can read more detail about the ordinance on the Livable City site, with information about what is already on San Francisco's books, and what some other cities are doing.

Approve AB 2646 To Restore SF's Bay Shoreline

Dear Chair Caballero: The San Francisco waterfront is an important public trust asset of the people of California. 7.5 miles – representing most of the City’s bay waterfront – are under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Commission pursuant to the Burton Act.

Since the demolition of the Embarcadero freeway, the City has embarked on a planning process to reconnect with its Bay waterfront. Residents and visitors stroll along the new Embarcadero roadway along portions of the Bay Trail from the Bay Bridge to the historic Ferry Building and onward to Fisherman’s Wharf.

Unfortunately, major portions of the San Francisco waterfront are blighted by dangerous conditions, crumbling facilities and environment contamination from historic industrial activities. “Ghost” piles from former pile-supported structures dot the shoreline. Neighborhoods that were home to heavy industrial activities for much of the last century such as Mission Bay, Potrero, Dogpatch, Bayview and Hunters Point remain cut off from the Bay, even as the City rezones some of these areas to promote infill mixed use development.

The San Francisco League of Conservation Voters strongly supports the creation of major new waterfront open spaces and an extension of the Bay Trail through the Port’s southern waterfront. However, the costs of eliminating blight along the waterfront far exceed the Port’s revenues. AB 2646 will create an important new financing vehicle to pay for parks, access to the Bay, environmental remediation and removal of bay fill.

We strongly encourage you to approve AB 2646 to restore San Francisco’s Bay shoreline. Thank you for your consideration.


Amandeep Jawa, President San Francisco League of Conservation Voters

Endorsements: June 3rd, 2008

Ballot Measures

Yes on E - Requiring Board of Supervisors' Approval of Mayor's Appointments to the PUC Yes on F - Affordable Housing in Candlestick/Hunters Point development. No on G - Mixed-Use Development Project for Candlestick Point And Hunters Point Shipyard

We are not endorsing on A, B, C, D or H.


Green Party County Council

Razzu Engen

Democratic Party County Central Committee

12 A.D.

  • Michael Bornstein
  • Doug Chan
  • Emily Drennen
  • Eric Mar
  • Jake McGoldrick
  • Trevor McNeil
  • Jane Morrison
  • Melanie Nutter
  • Connie O'Connor
  • Matt Tuchow

13 A.D.

  • Bill Barnes
  • David Campos
  • David Chiu
  • Chris Daly
  • Michael Goldstein
  • Robert Haaland
  • Joe Julian
  • Leslie Katz
  • Rafael Mandelman
  • Aaron Peskin
  • Holli Thier
  • Debra Walker

Republican Party County Central Committee

We did not endorse any republicans for the county central committee. But we would like to thank Gene Dermody for submitting a questionnaire.


If you have any questions about our endorsements, please email adrian at sflcv.org