Our Board reflects a diversity of environmental interests and specializations...

Kristina Pappas, President

Kristina Pappas has managed partners, projects, and programs in diverse nonprofit and social enterprise organizations. Most recently, she was program manager at a "tech for good" nonprofit, where she co-founded the organization's Green Team. Kristina earned an MBA with a concentration in sustainability from the Presidio Graduate School. She is passionate about sustainable agriculture, food systems, water, and zero waste.

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Amandeep Jawa, Secretary

Amandeep Jawa is a software engineer and local environmental activist. Through his involvement in numerous political campaigns, he has worked to create a better world on a local, regional and national level, with particular emphasis in environmental campaigns around transit and clean energy. In addition to being involved with the SFLCV for many years, he is a long time board member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

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Ian Wren, Treasurer

Ian is a hydrologist and advocate focused on water quality and sustainability. He was born in San Francisco, went to Cal, and worked in environmental consultancies and engineering firms in Los Angeles and London prior to joining San Francisco Baykeeper. Ian is passionate about urban sustainability and developing creative solutions for reducing impacts on the Bay and California’s water resources. And although living and raising a family in San Francisco is a continual source of frustration he is still optimistic political movements here can change the world.


Tim Chan

Tim Chan has been in the transit planning field for almost two decades, and is currently the Manager of Planning at the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit.  In his day job, he helps to advance the District's sustainability priorities on transit-oriented developments, ped/bike/transit access strategies and station improvements.  In his off time, he also volunteers at Openhouse Friendly Visitor Program as a companion for LGBT seniors.  Tim lives in the Silver Terrace neighborhood with his husband.

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John Holtzclaw

John Holtzclaw consults in transportation, urban development, energy consumption and air quality. He volunteers for the Sierra Club, and is a San Francisco League of Conservation Voters founder. His research measured how residential density, transit and pedestrian/bicycle friendliness reduce auto ownership and driving, showing how convenient, compact, transit-oriented, mixed-use cities reduce consumption, auto use and pollution. He is a former nuclear engineer.


Elizabeth Stampe

Elizabeth Stampe is currently a consultant on communications and strategy, mostly for environmental nonprofits. Between 2010 and 2013, she was executive director of Walk San Francisco, winning safer speed zones around 181 schools and launching the nation's first Walk to Work Day. Before that, Elizabeth was Greenbelt Alliance's communications director, advocating for smart growth, sustainable transportation, and land conservation. Elizabeth lives in the Mission, with her husband, their son, and no car, and mostly uses her master's degree in botany to tell her friends that the flowers they're admiring are weeds.



Yin Yin

Yin Yin is a China-born, Germany-raised, Canadian-American. After several years of working as a strategy consultant, she developed severe skin allergies to the pollution in Beijing. This prompted her to move to Silicon Valley and enter the cleantech industry, first working at an early-stage solar cell manufacturer, then leading Asia business development at Silver Spring Networks, a now publicly listed smart grid networking company. She’s currently COO and founding member of COMPAS, which makes enterprise software that empowers technology companies manage and execute their global growth.
She and her husband live happily carless and get around the Bay via kick-scooter, bike and Clipper card. She spends her free time running a nonprofit that supports low-income female STEM undergrads in China, becoming fluent in Spanish, training towards her 3rd degree black belt in Taekwon-Do and singing at friends’ weddings.



Caroline Koch

Caroline Koch is a partner at Lawyers for Clean Water, Inc., and has broad experience representing non-profit organizational clients in the enforcement of federal and state environmental laws. In 2006, Caroline came to San Francisco from North Carolina for law school, and is passionate about ensuring that San Francisco leads on environmental and sustainability issues. Prior to joining Lawyers for Clean Water, Caroline worked as a legal research attorney for the San Francisco Superior Court, served as a certified practicing law student with the Golden Gate University School of Law Environmental Law and Justice Clinic, interned with Earthjustice, and spent a summer at Université Paris Nanterre studying comparative U.S. and French legal remedies. Caroline holds Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Public Policy Studies and English from Duke University.


Eliet Henderson

Eliet Henderson works in nonprofit fundraising and communications as Development Director for San Francisco Baykeeper. A lifelong environmentalist, she believes San Francisco is a great place to explore and expand solutions for building local community while protecting the planet. Eliet lives in the Mission and enjoys leisurely hikes and bikes around the Bay Area and Northern California.


Julia Souder Prochnik

Julia Souder Prochnik is a trusted advisor to the energy and environmental sector.  She is a native Californian and enjoys working to solve the impossible.  She brings over 15 years of experience in strategy regarding renewable energy permitting and contracts, regional and state transmission planning, regulatory affairs, and negotiation services with the industry. 


Peter Lauterborn

Peter Lauterborn is a San Francisco native and is a longtime advocate of environmental, transportation, education, and health policy. He currently works as a Director at Civic Edge Consulting, a firm that assists public agencies and nonprofits with strategic communications and outreach. Previously, he served as a Legislative aide to former Supervisor Eric Mar and ran the citywide YouthVote civic engagement initiative in all of San Francisco's public high schools. He lives in the Richmond District with his wife Sarah and.